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CAP Information Technology Officer Responsibilities:

  • Manage and direct unit information technology (IT) program

  • Serve as the unit web security administrator (WSA)

  • Assign and edit permissions for assigned members

  • Ensure that Operational Security (OPSEC), information security (INFOSEC), virus definition and appropriate software updates are performed in a timely manner

  • Develop and implement local unit IT policies and procedures in support of CAP's missions

  • Develop and implement training programs for unit members to ensure efficient use of all IT assets

  • Oversee the development and maintenance of the unit's website, in coordination with Public Affairs

  • Assist the unit commander in generating up-to-date measurable performance data, extracted from available information systems

  • Provide support for network administration, approved hardware, and approved software

  • Track IT-related support issues and inquiries for submission, through proper channels, to higher headquarters.

(source: eServices, 2021-11-08)

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