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Instructions for Group 4 Annual Conference:


Join Zoom session:


Plan A

Plan B

meeting ID







If you are experiencing poor audio or video quality, ...

  • leave the session and then connect again ...

  • AFTER implementing as many of the following tips as possible.

If the Zoom session itself is experiencing problems, ...

  • we will FIRST mute and stop video for all NON-presenters / round-table participants.

  • If that doesn't fix things, ...

  • we will switch over to the "Plan B" session (see above).

  • Join us there as soon as you can.

For BEST audio and video quality -- ESPECIALLY for presenters and round-table participants:

  • (1) Disable virtual background

  • (2) Disable "Touch up my appearance"

  • (3) Click "Stop video" so your audio connection is stronger

  • (4) Connect to your internet router with:

    • Ethernet cable (best)

    • WiFi and high-speed internet (fair)

    • Mobile smartphone / tablet using a cell connection (fair)

    • VPN if good premium (paid-for) private (fair)

    • VPN if free version (poor)

    • VPN from your employer (poor)  

      • because usually routed through corporate filters before it gets to you

  • (5) Create a Zoom account, if you do not already have one

    • It is not mandatory in order to join a session, but it will give you a "stronger" connection.

  • (6) Log into the Zoom app installed on your computer or device

    • BEFORE connecting to session via Join link.

    • It is not mandatory in order to join a session, but it will give you a MUCH "stronger" connection ...

      • and additional features that are not available if you log into your Zoom account via a web browser.

    • Download from if you have not already installed it.

  • (7) Check for Updates -- and install them before joining / rejoining

  • (8) Log out of all other applications and browser-based background updates

    • Email, Chat apps, Facebook / Messenger, Twitter, stock market updates, sports updates, weather updates, ...

  • (9) Ask anyone who shares your internet connection to avoid streaming video, playing RPGs online, up- or downloading large files, etcetera during your presentation.

  • (10) If you are on WiFi (wireless internet),

    • turn off WiFi on as many other devices as you can, that share your same network.

    • Powering them all off is quicker and simpler in a pinch.

    • This includes: Smart TVs and Smart Home IoT devices; and digital voice assistants like: Amazon's Echo, Apple's Siri, MSFT's Cortana, and Google's Now -- which are all using your WiFi network, or your computer's / device's processing power, to listen for your commands, whether you're currently using them or not.

If you are a presenter or participating in a round table:

  • We have a back channel chat set up where you can get extra technical help if you need it

  • You can only add contacts and access "Channels" (group chats) if you are logged into the Zoom app.

  • Add "" and "" as Contacts inside your Zoom app

    • Open the Zoom app on your computer or device

    • Click on CONTACTS in the menu bar (at the top or bottom of the window)

    • Click on the + icon and Select "Add a Contact"

    • Enter "

    • Click "ADD"

  • Once we see your ADD request, and add you as a Contact, ...

    • We can then add you to our "Backstage" channel

    • Essentially, this is a private group chat SEPARATE from the session chat all the attendees can see.

    • We can exchange messages and provide technical support without interrupting the on-going presentation.

  • If you have done all the above and are still having problems, ...

    • please message your phone # to @Megan (to select Megan Everett) in either Zoom chat ...

    • and our IT Officer, SM Megan Everett, will phone you and do her best to assist you further.

Thank you so much for participating today!


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