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Group 4 Spring SAREX

2022 PA Wing Group 4 and Group 3 Spring SAREX

CAP PAWG Spring SAREX 2022

Please make sure you have all the prerequisites

  • You may choose more than one position.

  • IMPORTANT: Register for the SAREX.

    • Please include in the Comments which date(s) and OPS QUALs you are working on when you register so we can arrange for appropriate tasks and Skills Evaluators.

    • Check your InBox for the CAP PAWG Spring SAREX online registration form.

  • Requirements to participate in the SAREX:

    • MUST have active 101 card

      • Be at least 18 years of age

      • Have completed GES-116

      • Have a current photo uploaded into eServices

    • Must have your Commander's Approval in eServices for both:

      • SQTR / QUAL Prerequisites and

      • Familiarization / Preparatory Training.

    • Preferred: Trainee Qualification status, so you can focus on gaining hands-on skills / practice and complete practical tasks during the SAREX.

We are offering the following opportunities to help you prepare for participating in the SAREX

(1) Air Crews:

  • Virtual "ground classes" arranged when there are enough students interested.

    • Mission Observer (MO), Mission Pilot (MP), and/or Mission Scanner (MS)

  • Questions? Ask Maj Jay O'Meara <> or Capt Mike Szish <>

(2) Airborne Photographer (AP):

(3) Urban Direction Finding (UDF) / Ground Team Member (GTM) / Mission Base Staff

  • To help members prepare to participate in the upcoming Group 4 SAREX, we will offer a variety of virtual training sessions for UDF / GTM / Mission Base positions.

    • Tasks will be based upon the following SQTRs: UDF, GTM, MSA, MSO, GBD, LSC.

  • Virtual Ground Team and Mission Base Class Dates:

    • Friday, February 25, 1900-2100

    • Saturday, March 05, 1300-1600

    • Sunday, March 13, 1300-1600

    • Additional virtual sessions can be arranged if necessary.

    • Registrants will receive a ZOOM link for the virtual session after they register.

  • Questions? Ask Group 4 Recruiting & Retention Officer, Major Anita McCormick <>

(4) Radio Communications

  • For ALL participants: Ground teams, Air Crews, Mission Base Staff

    • There are a number of Skills Evaluators who can sign off on your practical "hands-on" radio test.

  • Virtual Communications Training available in eServices > AXIS.

    • SAREX missions include communications between Air Crews, Ground Teams, and Mission Base.

      • All participants should be familiar with the protocols, and with both the handheld and portable CAP radios.

    • We recommend passing your ICUT if you haven't yet -- and reviewing the materials if you have.

      • This is as easy as studying 10 short videos in eServices > Online Learning.

    • Login to CAP e-Services > Go to AXIS > Search for "Communications" in the Course Catalog.

      • Enroll in or Open the "ICUT Introductory Communications User Training" module.

  • Questions? Ask Group 4 Communications Officer, Lt Col Rich Luce <>



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