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Staff Directory

Chain of Command

National Commander
Maj Gen Edward Phelka

Wing Commander (PA-001)
Col Kevin Berry

Region Commander (NER-001)
Col Everett Hume

Group Commander (PA-005)
Maj John T. Quinn


Group 4 (PA-005) Staff - PA Wing

Maj John T. Quinn

Deputy Commander
Communications / Logistics Officer

Lt Col Richard Luce, Jr

Chief of Staff / Safety / 
Professional Development Officer

Maj Heather Weaver

Asst Communications Officer
Maj Alan Highhouse

Operations Officer / Alerting Officer
Maj Richard Temple

Asst Communications Officer
Maj George Kerrick

Asst Operations Officer
Capt Ibrahim Khadra

IT Officer / Asst Communications Officer
2d Lt Megan Everett

Asst Operations Officer / O-Flight Coordinator
Capt Matthew Wendell

Capt Mark Shulman

Standardization / Evaluation Officer
Capt Frederick Herman

Transportation Officer
Maj Eric J Kircher

Administrative / Personnel Officer
Lt Col Patricia Devlin

Finance Officer
Lt Col Carol Blinebury

Education & Training Officer
Col Gordon Larson

Asst Finance Officer
Maj Laurence Tarr

Recruiting & Retention Officer
Maj Anita McCormick

Public Affairs Officer



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